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Join us this October 31 for a Halloween event spectacular! VIP Red Carpet Guests in Costume - Gourmet Dinner Menu - Choose from dozens of Faneuil Hall full service restaurants - Movie and Music Entertainment - Bring your costumes and cameras and get ready for the Halloween event SPOOKY EYES.  Walk around Fanueil Hall Marketplace until dark - 98 stores and restaurants with CANDY GALORE - Then get ready for It's a Spooky Christmas THIS Halloween;  When SANTA IS AN EYE DOCTOR pre-show !! and watch The Video Cookbook Cartoon Show with Chef Club Superstars Talent Show contestants -Santa Claus, Mrs Claus and all the Delicious Restaurant People and Kids!  Plan your own budget but don't miss the Free MOVIE. Ticket sales will be donated to The American Heart Association - Boston, MA.

Reserved seating available $25.00 per space.

VIP Red Carpet Halloween Dinner and a Movie

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