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Press Release   PrincessWhosamacallit Incorporated

February 25, 2020



Los Angeles (AP) - February 25, 2020 As Disney has announced Bob Iger CEO’s resignation to get into a different situation; PrincessWhosamacallit Incorporated (PWI) has announced that they will offer Bob Iger a leading Board of Directors position in the Restaurants of America Organization.  They are excited to see if he

will commit to their needs since he is not tied up working for the other companies that keep him extremely busy. TheincredibleChef tm brand products is part of the reason that PWI is expanding its horizons to create the individual chef marketing products for the consumer and chef club member.  They are going to need heavy handed and connected directors to manage the hundreds of thousands of employee chef club members that are expected to join the company with the release of the packages available.  For more information regarding please see the website.   The owner of Michelle Ann’s Chef Club & Store; An internet Chef interactive and Store, has devised a unique SEP-IRA plan for restaurant worker employees and this plan is available for all chain of restaurants that lead our United States in number of employees and Also for the individual owner of a restaurant, hot food truck or stand.  The immediate focus is to develop the members in such a way that every Restaurant

employee has a place to contact each other socially.  Michelle Ann remarked, “We are developing and plan to release the next Facebook or twitter discussion social called ‘Chef Club Superstars’ and this is something that hopes to incorporate the Chefs from the Food Network.  Everyone is very familiar with the Food Network and all of its gadgets, stores and television performances but now we need a retirement package for the restaurant employees that include famous Chefs!

For More Information on this company or the RERPF:

Contact - Director of National Sales


Press Release   PrincessWhosamacallit Incorporated

February 20, 2020


Chicago – (AP) February 20, 2020 People in the U.S. have federal and state and cost of living pay raises every year or almost every year but one large division of our work force in the United States is underrepresented and I have created a bill to put the legislation into effect that can even our odds.  The Restaurant Employee Pension Account (REPA) is a bill that will secure the right to include all restaurant workers including pizza and Chinese delivery workers into and 401-K that is being funneled through theincrediblechef tm brand products. Owner of PWI, ROAO and Michelle Ann’s Chef Club & Store is eagerly waiting for approval of her bill to set into motion a government 401 K that is tax-free and can be utilized by the poorest workers in America. and

Since the introduction of the (FAIR) Act that Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.) and Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) have reintroduced as the Federal Adjustment of Income Rates (FAIR) Act again this year there has been a rising interest in expanding the medium and pushing the limits to the maximum security for Restaurant Workers here in the United States. They’re calling for a 3.5% federal pay raise

in 2021 and a new 401-K that will help restaurant employees in every side of the

work force. From busboy and pizza delivery

to conglomerate restaurant owners like hotel chains and amusement parks, chain restaurants and even the little guy with the busy hot trucks in the NJ NY and Chicago construction trades. Its time to wet the whistle and

circle the payments to include these hard-working service industry people.

The Restaurant Employee Pension Account

(REPA) legislation specifies 85% contribution of funds made by the Chef Club member at which is sales of U.S. manufactured goods branding theincredibleChef trademark counted towards REPA retirement funds. Employees will contribute 100% of their $9.99 monthly but can add more funds per month if they want. These REPA funds mature in twenty (20) years instead of the current 25/age 65 requirements that are currently in the system. Restaurant workers are increasingly staying on in each company because of an increase in pay and now with a retirement account most everyone can breathe easy and get on with their future.

This is the sixth year now that Connolly has introduced the FAIR Act in the House. Previous versions of this legislation called for 3.6% federal pay raise in 2020, a 3% boost in 2019, a 3.2% bump in 2018 and a 5.3% increase back in 2017.   But 2020 is the 1st introduction of the REPA retirement act and it proves to be a bangbuster that even hotel owners will take interest in based on the way in which the account builds its funding without the owner’s only contributions. Steady affordable monthly deductions are applied to the accounts and based on the number of payments into the system it will calculate the monthly retirement amount each person will receive when they retire

“We are fighting hard for this new endeavor to compensate the hardest working industry in the nation and feel as though people in these jobs will realize that it’s okay to move around in positions in the restaurant field because you still contribute no matter what job you have as long as you stay in that industry,” Michelle Ann says. The REPA Retirement Act is in recognition of our largest work force and the public’s biggest contributor to everyday living — It’s the greatest service to the public.”


Restaurant employees taking a look at

restaurantsofamerica’s organization and union are starting to speak up about the satisfaction they feel that there is someone out there understanding how tough these jobs are and how hard they all work to accomplish the tasks they do for all restaurant consumers.“Our chef club members will receive the best items for sale available with this brand name and they get to mingle with the best cooks in the country. People love to learn a new recipe and what better ways are there to be able to talk to some of the finest chefs in the country than to log in and make a comment on their club discussions of trade in our restaurant world. Everyone always needs new cookware, cookbooks and nifty supplies that help people to hobby their interests and we aim to please and to provide what it is that they want to buy,” said National Sales Director for Thousands of items will be available for every club member and the plan for a Christmas boxed set for your favorite Restaurant or Chef is already in the works.

Michelle Ann’s fully engaged in the effort to pass this bill into law and give restaurant employees the ability to keep doing what they love: serving the public,” according to Joe Jeremy team rep. The American Federation of Government Employees also said it was appreciative of the legislation. Employees got an average 3.1% federal pay raise — a 2.6% across-the-board increase with an additional 0.5% locality adjustment — in 2020 according to Nicole Ogrysko. Congress eventually included the 3.1% raise in one of two minibus spending packages members passed at the end of 2019. So, let’s see what we can do for Restaurants of America Organization to include the owners, the workers and the public!

National Sales and Owner for Michelle Ann’s Chef Club & Store introduces this bill this coming April 2020. For more information check the website at



Press Release   PrincessWhosamacallit Incorporated

February 19, 2020



"Boston - (AP) Restaurant Employees are sometimes underpaid relying mainly on tips and the kindness of customers eating in their restaurants. They have long been the center of controversy for anyone who doesn't have enough money to pay a 20% gratuity for great service andtasty exceptionally delicious food!  The owner of theincrediblechef tm brand line of cooking items, promotional cookbooks and novelty Christmas sale boxed sets for Chef and Restaurant Promotion decided to organize a financial group of employees to support the advancement and future security of the Restaurants of America organization by giving

them a National Employee Retirement Account to help them pay into their future monthly income checks after they retire. The corporate website is

Restaurants of America Organization

incepted February 8, 2020 after a decade of planning has released information and details regarding their promotion to sign up every restaurant in the United States that wants to be apart of a securer future and an employee pool that promises to be a necessary help to pay expenses when they are old and cannot work. 

President of Chef Club & Stores Michelle Ann has proudly created two Websites for these people she thinks deserves to have a pension fund and that is exactly what she plans to accomplish using the help of outstanding Restaurant owners and employees across America and the ingenuity of theincredibleChef tm. She has included Fast Food Chains and even private diners and places that serve food in self-employment like sandwich trucks and food delivery men frompizza restaurants and Chinese food diners.  And that means the ice cream stands on the beach in the summertime. It is a large undertaking but she thinks she has devoted her time and attention to most of the right people. "I really have had a difficult time paying the right tips in the last 25 years of my life. I always wanted to give them much more since they still make lower than minimum wage. I realized that these waiters and busboys worked harder than most executives that go in at 6 am and end up back at their house by 8 pm."  "I want to do something to give back to the community and I know it’s the right step for me in my life."  Owner Michelle Ann thinks that people who own donut shops and work there have no idea that they too are Restaurant Employees." The future Restaurant Workers Retirement Act that is in the works now will serve to excite and reward people who have spent every grueling day serving the public, she said." Michelle Ann has included waitresses, cooks, dishwashers and any other associated job position into this retirement fund. All you have to do is sign up and start your club membership on the website. Restaurant Employees Retirement Pension Fund (RERPF) will be responsible for restaurant service industries lucky plan to build a future monetary fund that will

increase in value so that everyone involved receives a monthly check to help sustain their lack of employment after the retire. And according to MichelleAnn's Chef Club Membership team if each employee promises to deposit $9.99 a month into this fund then they are granted entrance into a desperately needed and long overdue Retirement Pension Account. Hotels have restaurants inside them and hopefully,these employees will want toget involved in the larger chains,” Joe Jeremy said.


For More Information on this company or the RERPF:

Contact - Director of National Sales



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