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Finding Inspiration in Laughter 

The Video Cookbook Cartoon Show is an original entertaining movie production filled with cartoons, music and recipes. From the Delicious Restaurants children's book to Food Pantry, Happy Birthday, Koo Koo Chef and Cozy Court - Santa Claus also known as Kris Kringle and Mrs. Claus are the highlight of the shows! Chef Club Superstars Talent Show is not to be missed by the general public and the Delicious Restaurants people! These original stories are created to produce products that will help to create a restaurant chef club annuity package for owners and workers who become members and sign up. Retail products will

be manufactured and sold in DVD formats both Standard and 3D. It is a movie that will be released in the Movie Theatre’s which includes companion books. Until my chef club

members multiply the only benefactor is me!


This project targets retail merchandising of's PrincessWhosamacallit designer chef dolls, character book and movie sets; carry bags, Adult and children's pajamas, sleeping bags, children’s sneakers, tee - shirts and jackets. Halloween Costumes, 3D glasses in boxed sets which includes online digital cartoon movie views. Cartoon recipe books with Pizza Pans & digital cartoon links, children books in hardcover, and paperback with cartoon movie download links or DVD video inserts. This project is steaming with Original Artwork by the Creative Artist Michelle Ann Charity Fortune and a future game called "Delicious Restaurants" which features all the characters in the story.

Michelle Ann Charity Fortune is the author and illustrator or the Video Cookbook Cartoon Shows.  Exquisite design and artistic details give brilliance to Fortune’s illustrations. The movie scenes are splashed down on the pages in a bright and interesting comic slide show. The book is easy to read and understand and is filled with colorful, memorable pages from this new Santa story and artwork. Santa Is An Eye Doctor is the first edition in the Delicious Restaurants ( DL } series. The Video Cookbook Cartoon Show takes place at a fictitious setting called Delicious Restaurants all year and especially during the holidays when Santa and Mrs. Claus visit and this year perform in the Chef Club Superstars Talent Show before Santa leaves with his sleigh and reindeers on his yearly Christmas toy delivery phenomenon.

This year by making honesty the best policy Santa reveals his news. 


These bonus cartoon movies included are presented with incredible 3D graphics to keep the viewer focused on every page and movie scene. “Santa Is An Eye Doctor” brings life to every character and laughter and smiles to every audience. This book is the right choice for all school - aged readers and people who enjoy people, new food recipes and restaurants.  

It’s a cookbook for Mom, a comedy for Dad and a heartwarming story for all ages with incredible original art work, toys, cartoons and literature to purchase. Below and on the

SHOP page are examples of artwork that is available.

      ORDER 3D-glasses


Every company works hard to develop an idea or a product that others will share in and want to buy. With my educational background I learned about nursing, science and math and then teaching and marketing. But I love the production of music, graphic entertainment and artwork including dolls, toys or antiques and keep these interests as a hobby. I am also a lover of great foods and enjoy making extraordinary cooking recipes.
If you’re a person who has children or is single you will love to view the products I am selling and I hope you can visit. 



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