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Santa Is An Eye Doctor

This children's book is filled with dozens colorful digital art illustrations and it has a companion cartoon movie with its book. It tells the story of Santa and Mrs. Claus and the show they performed in when Santa decided to tell the Delicious Restaurants people the he is not just a toymaker but he is now an Eye Doctor.  The storybook pages and original recipes are included in all of these individual retail products. An original fairytale written by MichelleAnn Charity Fortune uses memorable nursery rhymes and chef jokes in this new Santa Story from the Video Cookbook Cartoon Show.  My goal is to interest a partner to pay for the manufacture of the printed book with USB drive cartoon movie that will be sold all year as The Video Cookbook Cartoon Show and will be marketed during the holidays from Black Friday to New Years with a special holiday music version. This is a cartoon movie that will be sold attached to the book. Next year the movie "Delicious Restaurants" will be ready for the movie theatre's and the retail merchandising of The Video Cookbook Cartoon Show and its characters will begin with the right partner.

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