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  • Candy Galore
    Tickets: $5.13 - $102.50
    December 7, 2023 | 7:19 PM
    1 Faneuil Hall Sq, Boston, MA 02109, USA
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  • Spooky Eyes

    The world gets a special surprise this year when Santa Claus makes his mark on his world wide deliveries at Christmastime! And the special news shows that this book is dedicated to all the EYE DOCTORS IN THE WORLD! What nicer way to say I love you to the people who make sure that our eyes see better and better all the time. Hello to the Eye Doctors of the World and the clinics and stores that sell the glasses we wear! Sunglasses and the unique designers that create the best protection from UV rays that would distort our vision when we work, exercise or drive cars, trucks and machinery plus everday glasses or contacts to see. It's a wonderful acknowlegement to remind the world that our eye doctors deserve this sentiment. With the story by MichelleAnn Charity Fortune people are brought to a modern COVID world where everyone has two jobs. In this children's fantasy Santa and Mrs Claus are brought to life as Old St Nick graduates from college and is now working as an Eye Doctor and a Toymaker! Watch the hilarious cartoon movie that turns children's nursery rhymes into comedy! Listen to the delightful music in this new and never before released cartoon movie. Is it Spooky to think that Santa is an Eye Doctor and not just a man who makes toys in his office? A satire on Halloween brings to life the story of Santa Claus still heading out on Christmas Eve to deliver his presents but many have asked for new eyeglasses and thats some of the surprise these future holidays. Wait and wonder who wins the Chef Club Superstars Talent Show and see Mrs. Claus perform for a magnificent solo to Santa. The story is started in the original Halloween book SPOOKY EYES written and illustrated by MichelleAnn Charity Fortune and this book is dedicated to the EYE DOCTORS ALL OVER THE WORLD! What a way to thank these special doctors!

  • Retail Sales Help Wanted

    Has there ever been an artist or a book writer who have experienced the same problems happening with The Video Cookbook Cartoon Show? Often over history anecdotes and publishers repeatedly announce that until an artist dies they never recoup their life's work. They always seem to become famous after they die and then there work becomes worth more than anyone ever imagined. and is a company who expects millions of parents and children to flock to the website to watch a sneak preview of Michelle Ann Charity Fortune's cartoons and to buy calendars, newspapers and books from me. Yet with a full shop page and dozens of interactive children's pages there has been nothing sold yet. Calendars, books, cartoon movies and 3D glasses are waiting for every kid ages 2 - 21 with hope that they appreciate the work and treasure their purchases. I need your help. Spread the word so that I become a retail success while I am still alive!!!

  • 1st Annual FH Marketplace Halloween Parade

    Fall is just around the corner and PrincessWhosamacallit is planning an exciting and fun Halloween event for October 31 3 pm - close. It's a Spooky Christmas THIS Halloween! is a day is for all ages and all types of people to go out to Fanueil Hall and have great time walking around the spectacular decorated Fanueil Hall and trick or treatin' in 98 of the most unique and creative stores and dining places in Massachusetts. If you enjoy watching people and running around in a grand area for Candy Galore then get your ticket to this Halloween VIP Red Carpet Dinner extravaganza before they are all gone! Many surprise guests. After dinner at any of the Fanueil Hall Restaurants and Counter Cuisine there will be photographs on the Red Carpet for this movie ratings party. Then take your place at the outdoor Original cartoon movie premiere of Spooky Eyes - Where's My Candy Cane? and feature Santa Is An Eye Doctor will be shown to a group of lucky people who will remember - this movie event. Sit back and relax with your finest Halloween costumes because there will be a BEST Costume award during this holiday extravaganza and the 1st Annual Fanueil Hall Marketplace Halloween Parade! For more information check out

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  • Contact | theincrediblechef TM

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  • | Store | Boston, MA, United States

    With Every company works hard to develop an idea or a product that others will share in and want to buy. With my educational background I learned about nursing, science and math and then teaching and marketing. But I love the production of music, graphic entertainment and artwork including dolls, toys or antiques and keep these interests as a hobby my whole life. I am also a lover of great foods and I enjoy making extraordinary cooking recipes and hope to visit many restaurants that offer the kind of food that brings you back again and again. If you’re a person who has children or is single, married or just love cartoons, music and recipes you will love to view the products I am selling and I hope you can spread the word internationally! The Video Cookbook Cartoon Show is an original entertaining movie production filled with cartoons, music and recipes. From the Delicious Restaurants children's book to Food Pantry, Happy Birthday, Koo Koo Chef, Camp Cookout - Santa Claus also known as Kris Kringle and Mrs. Claus are the highlight of the shows! Santa Is An Eye Doctor is one of the most colorful stories in the series. Chef Club Superstars Talent Show is not to be missed by the general public and the Delicious Restaurants people! These original stories are created to produce products that will sell for the general public and internationally. It is my hope to have a Chef Club for restaurant owners and workers who become members and sign up. Retail p roducts will be manufactured and sold in book format with a cartoon movie. I hope to release Delicious Restaurants and Santa Is An Eye Doctor at the Movie Theatre’s and all of my products will include a movie version that goes along with a companion book full of the art pages that highlight the movie scenes. Until my chef club members multiply the only profitable entity is This project also targets retail merchandising of PrincessWhosamacallit designer chef dolls, character book and movie sets; carry bags, adult and children's pajamas, sleeping bags, children’s sneakers, tee - shirts and jackets; Halloween Costumes, 3D glasses in b oxed sets which includes online digital cartoon movie views; Cartoon recipe books with Pizza Pans & digital cartoon links, children books i n hardcover, and paperback with cartoon movie download links or movie video inserts. This project is filled with Original Artwork by the Creative Artist Michelle Ann Charity Fortune and there is hopes for a future g ame called " Delicious Restaurants" which features all the characters in the story. Michelle Ann Charity Fortune is the author and illustrator of the Video Cookbook Cartoon Shows. Exquisite design and artistic details give brilliance to Fortune’s illustrations. The movie scenes are splashed down on the pages in a bright and interesting comic slide show. The book is easy to read and understand and is filled with colorful, memorable pages from this new Santa story. Santa Is An Eye Doctor is the first edition in the Delicious Restaurants ( DL } series. The Video Cookbook Cartoon Show takes place in a fictitious setting called Delicious Restaurants all year long and especially during the holidays when Santa and Mrs. Claus visit. This year they both perform in the Chef Club Superstars Talent Show before Santa leaves with the magical sleigh and reindeers on his yearly Christmas toy delivery phenomenon. T his year by making honesty the best policy Santa reveals his news. The cartoon movies included are presented with incredible 3D graphics to keep the viewer focused on every page and movie scene. “Santa Is An Eye Doctor” brings life to every character and laughter and smiles to every audience. This children's book is the right choice for all school - aged readers and people who enjoy people, new food recipes and restaurants. It makes a great gift that children can share with their parents and older siblings It’s a cookbook for Mom, a comedy for Dad and a heartwarming story for all ages with incredible original art work, toys, cartoons and literature to purchase. Below and on the SHOP page are examples of artwork that is available. ORIGINAL ART SALE ALL FRAMED 14 X 20

  • Gift Card | theincrediblechef TM

    eGift Card $25 You can't go wrong with a gift card. Choose an amount and write a personalized message to make this gift your own. ... Read more Amount $25 $50 $100 $150 $200 $1,000 Quantity Buy Now

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