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Retail Sales Competition Violations

Has there ever been an artist or a book writer who have experienced

the same problems happening with The Video Cookbook Cartoon Show?

Often over the historical anecdotes publishers repeatedly announce that until an artist dies they never recoup their lifes work. They

always become famous after they die and then there work becomes worth more than anyone ever imagined when they first began their projects or commissions as in artwork finished in centuries before. and is a company who expects millions of parents and children to flock to the website

to watch a sneak preview of MichelleAnn Charity Fortune's cartoons.

Yet with a full shop page and dozens of interactive childrens pages there has been nothing sold yet. Calendars, books, cartoon movies and 3D glasses are waiting for every kid ages 2 - 21 with hope that

they appreciate the work and treasure their purchases.

Are there DNS people out in computer land that understand that it seems like other websites cover theincrediblechef and this is the reason that nobody has completed an inquiry contact or purchased a single item? What does a new start up company have to do to get their website seen by all the people who enjoy "G" rated stories that anyone should admire and laugh about!

Walmart was intended to carry the 2024 Calendar and still no word from the buyers even after the company retail link has been completed 6 months ago. The intention for other products to be sold in future stores such as Target, Grocery store chains, Macys, Williams and Sonoma and in world airports has slowed and no responses have reached AOL or GMAIL.

Hard work every day and nightly reviews have been exercised over and over again and promotion on social networks have ended in a no see status and it seems like there are people who are jealous stopping others from participating in what really is something different something new and the topics are current and worthwhile!

The Chef business with Delicious Restaurants meets Santa and Mrs Claus and this is something that children get excited about yet nothing in the works to identify the review or purchases of this unique product. 3D glasses and cartoon movies that lift off the page and offer the reader and watcher a bunch of funny and amusing themes and not to mention the incredible movie sounds and songs used to emphasis the speciality of the Chef and Restaurants and the ways in which they delight customers with more than just food!

Chef Club Superstars Talent Show is filled with special hours of performance by the Delicious Restaurant staff and its people and of course its visited by the famous! Santa Claus and Mrs Claus appear in the show and even sing and dance!

This website and its products is a way for the community to get their own copy for children and adults world wide. The first book release is SPOOKY EYES and its filled with 7 languages for people all over the world to enjoy. The book is dedicated to the Eye Doctors of the world and is the first in the Delicious Restaurants series. This restaurant venue is the setting for the cartoon movies about Chefs, their people and the holiday cheer! When Santa becomes an Eye Doctor Halloween is a Spooky Christmas!

Santa Is An Eye Doctor is book two in the series and will be available in stores soon. So hang tight and spread the word that this website has alot for children and adults!

If anyone can figure out why the website is hard to view or unreachable please contact Michelle at 508-279-5648 and email

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