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Retail Sales Help Wanted

Updated: Mar 26

Has there ever been an artist or a book writer who have experienced

the same problems happening with The Video Cookbook Cartoon Show?

Often over history anecdotes and publishers repeatedly announce that until an artist dies they never recoup their life's work. They always seem to become famous after they die and then there work becomes worth more than anyone ever imagined. and is a company who expects millions of parents and children to flock to the website

to watch a sneak preview of Michelle Ann Charity Fortune's cartoons

and to buy calendars, newspapers and books from me.

Yet with a full shop page and dozens of interactive children's pages there has been nothing sold yet. Calendars, books, cartoon movies and 3D glasses are waiting for every kid ages 2 - 21 with hope that they appreciate the work and treasure their purchases.

I need your help. Spread the word so that I become a retail success while I am still alive!!!

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