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Spooky Eyes

The world gets a special surprise this year when Santa Claus makes his mark on his world wide deliveries at Christmastime!

And the special news shows that this book is dedicated to all the EYE DOCTORS IN THE WORLD!

What nicer way to say I love you to the people who make sure that our eyes see better and better all the time. Hello to the Eye Doctors of the World and the clinics and stores that sell the glasses we wear!

Sunglasses and the unique designers that create the best protection from UV rays that would distort our vision when we work, exercise or drive cars, trucks and machinery plus everday glasses or contacts to see.

It's a wonderful acknowlegement to remind the world that our eye doctors deserve this sentiment. With the story by MichelleAnn Charity Fortune people are brought to a modern COVID world where everyone has two jobs. In this children's fantasy Santa and Mrs Claus are brought to life as Old St Nick graduates from college and is now working as an Eye Doctor and a Toymaker!

Watch the hilarious cartoon movie that turns children's nursery rhymes into comedy! Listen to the delightful music in this new and never before released cartoon movie.

Is it Spooky to think that Santa is an Eye Doctor and not just a man who makes toys in his office? A satire on Halloween brings to life the story of Santa Claus still heading out on Christmas Eve to deliver his presents but many have asked for new eyeglasses and thats some of the surprise these future holidays.

Wait and wonder who wins the Chef Club Superstars Talent Show and see Mrs. Claus perform for a magnificent solo to Santa. The story is started in the original Halloween book SPOOKY EYES written and illustrated by MichelleAnn Charity Fortune and this book is dedicated to the EYE DOCTORS ALL OVER THE WORLD! What a way to thank these special doctors!

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