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Get Your Invitation to the Exclusive "Movie Premiere" Showing of The Video Cookbook Cartoon Show

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Creative Artist Michelle Ann Charity Fortune has coordinated an entire promotion for Delicious Restaurants a character cartoon performance with a cast of characters like Chef Aubrey, Chef Jorge and Chef Kyoko. See Tessa the hard working waitress and all the people from the Delicious Restaurant where these situation cartoon comedies take place. Before Christmas 2022 the Chef Club Superstars Talent Show breaks out for the people who eat at the Delicious restaurant and who bring in Santa and Mrs. Claus for a delightful "G" rated entertainment movie suitable for the entire family. Koo-Koo Chef, Happy Birthday, Captain Cookout, Food Pantry and several other interesting interactions can be viewed on DVD, or download. But the Movie Premiere will be shown in theatre's and if you are one of the lucky ones you will go home with a Christmas Present from the Video Cookbook Cartoon Show!

Don't miss this much sought after children's cartoon this Holiday season and pick up your copy in participating stores. Find out now at

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