The Video Cookbook Cartoon Show - "Santa is an Eye Doctor"

Updated: Jun 26

'An unexpected change in occupation gives the upcoming Santa Claus Holiday new meaning. Santa Claus is moonlighting as an Eye Doctor during the turn of events that caused a nation of unemployment and restaurant decline. And he doesn't know how to tell the public!

Funny and entertaining and filled with a variety of Chef characters and people who eat at the "Delicious Restaurants" all over the world; this movie brings charm and excitement together with a cast of characters who participate in the everyday world of restauranteurs through dining and hanging out. Lovable musical performances in this "G" rated comedy which is set in the busy days before Santa leaves to deliver his sleigh full of presents. But this year its packed with a new type of gift - eyeglasses! The restaurant is hosting the "Chef Club Superstars" Talent Show and the Video Cookbook Cartoon Show is highlighted using it's most spectacular recipes set to cartoon character animation and a bunch of happy tunes including wonderful holiday music. Featuring top musicians such as Justin Bieber, Alan Jackson, John Legend and Keith Urban with original songs and other well known standards by entertainers performing standard Christmas carols. Don't miss this movie Christmas Week in all your neighborhood IMAX theatre's internationally. December 18th marks the beginning of a new era where people understand that Christmas and gifts may make more sense when Santa gives the children new glasses and this eases the strapped purses of a tainted COVID world.

Lots of special effects in 3D with a planned retail

marketing of toys and kitchen items circling around the Chef theme of Delicious Restaurants. Make this season your one-stop IMAX movie night out and get a free Christmas gift there while

products in participating theatre's last! Story by Creative Artist Michelle Ann Charity Fortune - an entertainer that's no stranger to the movie or music business. A hard working registered nurse

turned songwriter, singer and movie actor now puts all hands in the fight to bring children and parents back to the movie cinemas and to the finest delicious restaurants globally with Koo Koo Chef, Happy Birthday, Chef Club Superstars Talent Show and "Santa is an Eye Doctor" who frequents the Delicious Restaurants in his home state.

Where does Santa live now? Find out on the number one cereal companies favorite grocer boxes and get your free movie pass this coming Black Friday. The cereal boxes will be distributed internationally at your local stores! Don't worry if you can't find a free movie pass you will find your Christmas present when you go to the IMAX movie theatre nearest your own neighborhoods!

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